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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reasons Behind.

Life is an adventure, a story to be lived and afterwards recollected. We oftentimes receive hardships that we need to overcome no matter what the replacements are. "Everything happens for a reason," they say. Even a painful experience, God has reasons why He gave that kind of blessings in our lives. There's this story of mine, that up until now, made me heavy-headed. It made a great impact in my life because I was hurt. This is nonsense, a puppy love. I know now, that I was carried away by my emotions that time. I mean, when you love someone wholeheartedly, you're wiling to do everything. We've been slightly for a long time. Because he was a graduating student, and I was a sophomore .. I cherished every moment and time that we had. To make this story short there came the time that we broke up for the reason that he can't fight for me and also because of some religious matters. That time, I was really sad and even got mad at him, and kept on telling myself for what reason this thing happened. At first, I think it's hard to accept it, but I guess .. I better move on. i learned that it will take time to heal everything. Just wait for the right time. Nowadays, I'm so thankful because this case taught me multiple realizations about life. This made me even stronger. It helped me to be more me, to know what's the real me inside. I learned how to forgive, love, and think wise. You don't need to take seriously some thing in our life. Live life while we're young. Enjoy the little things for one day you look back and realize , they were the cause for a better change.

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